Factory and administration

Today Vargon d.o.o. operates at three locations and employs 230 workers. Manufacturing facilities and administration is located in the Industrial zone where operates on 57,000 m², of which approximately 12,000 m² of enclosed space.

Distribution centers

Due to the efficient distribution of its products, Vargon d.o.o. has distribution centers in Zagreb and Osijek.

Shopping center

All the water, heating and cooling - the showroom in Rijeka combines compete offer of materials, components, devices, furniture,... all for your bathrooms and kitchens.

Vargon in other countries

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Representative in Bosnia and Herzegovina is located in Brčko discrtict.


Representative in Serbia is located in Belgrade.


Factory is devided into 3 plants, injection molding, extrusion and production of manholes.

Injection molding

Injection plant is consisted of 25 injection molding machines wich mold over 300 different fittings for Vargokal, Vargoterm and Vargokor programs..


Extrusion plant is consisted of 2 extrusion lines for Vargokor (double-walled corrugated pipes) program, 4 extrusion lines for Vargokal PP and Vargokal PP triple-walled silent drainage pipes, 2 extrusion lines for Vargoterm PP-R water supply pipes and 2 extrusion lines for Vargoplen and Vargoplen Protect PE water supply and cable protection pipes.


Rotomolding plant is used to manufacture plastic manhole parts, which are later welded together by the request of a customer. Manholes and gutters, together with corrugated sewage pipes offer a complete waste water drainage solution.

Metal workshop

Adaptation, improvement and construction of new injection molds is performed in our metal workshop by many of CNC and lathe machines, while our engineers design construction designs.


Dispatch department is taking care of effective distribution, so that we could deliver our products to our customers right on time. One of our many advantages, the one that speeds up the process of shipping is that we have our own shipping agent, and that we are located about 200 meters away from a customs port.


In production we use exclusively high quality granules of world's top manufacturers.

All of our imported consumables are tested in our lab, which is consisted of PE pipe test chamber, PP-R pipe test chamber, pressure for the measurement of ring stiffness, humidity measurement unit, and impact hammer test and measurement machine.