International markets

The largest part of our foreign markets goes to ex-Yugoslavian countries, while Vargon's products more and more can be found in distant countries. Year after year we increase our exports to Albanian market, and special effort has been put to enter the market of Europian Union. During 2008. our products found their place in Netherlands, Chile and Yemen.

Export to international markets

Vargon d.o.o. has been manufacturing plastic pipes and fittings for water supply and water drainage. Exporting to foreing countries has started back in 1996. to Bosnia and Herzegovina, and later expands to other countries of ex-Yugoslavia. From 1996. year after year export to foreign countries is constantly increasing.

Nowdays, our primary export countries are: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Monte negro, Macedonia, Slovenia, Italy, Germany, Albania, Netherlands, Chile and Saudi Arabia., while export accounts for 50% of total company revenue.

A way to growth and expansion

Vargon d.o.o. every year is participating on some of the world-famous fairs - the best way to display the whole of our product programs. Some of the world's/Europian fairs we are participating:

  • Mostra Convegno Expocomfort (MCE), Milano
  • IFAT, München
  • ISH, Frankfurth
  • AQUA–THERM, Kiev
  • AQUA-THERM, Moscow
  • THE BIG 5, Dubai
  • Fair of Civil Engineering SEEBBE, Belgrade

Future plans

  • Growth and expansion in countries of Arabian peninsula.
  • Continue to invest in our products promotion on international fairs.
  • To invest in certification of our product programs so we could qualify them for new markets with specific requirements.