Basic information

Company: VARGON d.o.o. za preradu plastičnih masa i obradu metala

Abbreviated Company Name: Vargon d.o.o.

Headquarters: Kukuljanovo 352, HR-51227 Kukuljanovo (City of Bakar), Croatia

Company registration number (MB) / Tax number: 040133769

Personal identification number (OIB):12345076041

Court of registration, registration number in the court register (MBS):

Commercial Court in Rijeka, 040133769

Company's share capital: HRK 8,210,100.00 / EUR 1,089,667.53 fully paid


Privredna banka Zagreb d.d., Zagreb, Radnička cesta 50, IBAN: HR8123400091117019149

Zagrebačka banka d.d, Zagreb, Trg bana Josipa Jelačića 10, IBAN: HR4023600001103052610

Persons authorized to represent:

Tin Ban
Tomislav Franko
Marko Šustić


The company Vargon Ltd. is majority owned by the European consortium PIPELIFE International GmbH based at Wienerbergerplatz 1, 1100 Vienna, Austria.


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