Company profile

The development of Vargon d.o.o. company, i.e. the growing demand, led to the expansion of production capacities...

Company profile

The development of the Vargon d.o.o. company, i.e. the growing demand, led to the expansion of production capacities, and in 2003 it moved to its current location in the Kukuljanovo Industrial Zone in the hinterland of Rijeka. In the following years, the production of pipes for domestic sewerage, domestic water supply and street water supply and drainage, and also inspection chambers has been growing, and due to increasing market demand, the Vargon d.o.o. company has been investing in new production and storage halls.

Vargon d.o.o. company’s goal is to modernize and automate production processes and the production plant, increase storage space, create and invest in new, technologically advanced products that require lower installation costs and reduced living costs, with minimal noise in the living space.

Vargon d.o.o.’s mission is to open new markets and expand export to the Middle East and North Africa, while continuing the promotion of its products at international fairs and economic summits, investing in certification of production programs that enable it to place the products in new markets with specific requirements. 

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Vargon d.o.o. processes over 6.700 tons of material per year, has complete attest documentation according to all EU standards, ISO 9001 and 14001 certificates, and the following quality certificates: the DVGW, the SKZ, ONORM, Fraunhofer, the IGH, OFI. It has over 350 regular customers, its own laboratory and its own fleet.

The company participates at world fairs such as: the ISH Frankfurt, IFAT Munich, THE BIG 5 Dubai, the MCE Milan, Aquatherm Baku, the IFP Plovdiv, the SEEBBE Belgrade

Export countries: Italy, Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Netherlands, Ireland, Greece, Malta, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia, Kosovo, Albania, Chile, Saudi Arabia



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