Company profile

The development of Vargon, i.e. the growing demand, led to the expansion of production capacities...

Company profile

Vargon d.o.o. has been operating within the Wienerberger Group since June 2022, thus strengthening its market position in Southeast Europe. This acquisition has further strengthened Wienerberger's expertise in the field of home and infrastructure solutions, making it an ideal contribution to the strategic positioning in the water and energy management industry.

Vargon was founded as a family business in 1990, with production initially focused on metalworking. In 1992, Vargon introduced new modern production programs and plastic processing programs, covering the entire range of products for internal and external piping installations. With the introduction of new technologies, the company has been progressively growing to its current position as a regional leader in the production of plastic pipes and fittings for water supply and sewage, as well as infrastructure projects.


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