In the period from 21.10.2015. - 22.10.2015. our company participated in the international business forum "Business days in Belarus" in Gomel. Which was organized by the Croatian Chamber of Commerce. Croatia was represented by President of Croatian Chamber of Economy Rijeka Mr. Vidoje Vujic, senior associate Ms. Elizabeth Margitić Mihelec and our commercial officer Mrs. Kristina Lesica.

More than 20 delegations from 11 countries (the representatives of Brazil, China, France, Germany, Croatian, Polish, Russia, Slovakia and other countries) participated in the event.

The current issues of foreign trade were discussed within for conferences:
1. System of transport logistics Europe-Belarus-Asia, Project silk - exclusive economic zone
2. Latest technology in construction
3. Innovation in the field of Gomel agriculture
4. State regulation of foreign trade activities.

The entire event was covered by the local media.

More information can be found at the links below.


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