For seventh time, the company Vargon has exibited at the "The Big 5" fair in Dubai in United Arab Emirates. "The Big 5" is the largest Middle East construction fair and one of the largest world construction fairs.

In the Dubai World Trade Center, the company Vargon has presented it's production programmes to many visitors. Many novelties have been presented, especially new products, particulalry composite PP-R pipes (3 and 4 layer), whose production is starting soon and many visitors have been very statisfied with what they've seen.

We have informed the visitors about the widening of our vargokal low noise programme PLUS 3S. The visitors have been very statisfied with the information received and the quality and the range of our offer, not only in low noise programme, but also because of the fact that company Vargon produces everything that is needed for distribution of potable water to the house and inside the house as well as house and infrastructure sewerage pipes and with it's offer it can statisfy all the needs for water installations systems and protective pipes.

Another "The Big 5" is behind us and we are looking forward to the "ISH" fair in Frankfurt, where we will also be exibiting in the period from 14. to 18.03.2017. and we are also looking forward to the next year "The Big 5" exibition.


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