Exhibit The Big 5 - Dubai 2018.

Written by Vargon on Wednesday, 13 February 2019 10:56.

For the ninth time, company Vargon has exhibited in the largest Middle East construction fair – „The Big 5“ fair. The fair was held in exhibition
space Dubai World Trade Center in the period of 26. – 29. November 2018. in United Arab Emirates, city of the future Dubai. Along with the
fair itself, many seminars, workshops, and conferences took place so the fair attracts large number of people from the construction world.
Company Vargon has been the only exhibitor from Croatia this year and it has presented its production programs in the field of domestic
and infrastructure water supply and sewage systems. We have met many future and current business partners and we hope that we will
increase our presence in this part of the world. To our many visitors, we have presented our latest products like vargoplen PE 100-RC  pipes,
vargoterm fiber pipes and vargokal PLUS 3S  sewage system.
Due to large response and statisfaction of our visitors, company Vargon looks forward to the next edition of „The Big 5“ fair.
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The Big 5 2016

Written by Vargon on Thursday, 08 December 2016 15:40.

For seventh time, the company Vargon has exibited at the "The Big 5" fair in Dubai in United Arab Emirates. "The Big 5" is the largest Middle East construction fair and one of the largest world construction fairs.

In the Dubai World Trade Center, the company Vargon has presented it's production programmes to many visitors. Many novelties have been presented, especially new products, particulalry composite PP-R pipes (3 and 4 layer), whose production is starting soon and many visitors have been very statisfied with what they've seen.

We have informed the visitors about the widening of our vargokal low noise programme PLUS 3S. The visitors have been very statisfied with the information received and the quality and the range of our offer, not only in low noise programme, but also because of the fact that company Vargon produces everything that is needed for distribution of potable water to the house and inside the house as well as house and infrastructure sewerage pipes and with it's offer it can statisfy all the needs for water installations systems and protective pipes.

Another "The Big 5" is behind us and we are looking forward to the "ISH" fair in Frankfurt, where we will also be exibiting in the period from 14. to 18.03.2017. and we are also looking forward to the next year "The Big 5" exibition.


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Economic Gathering in Azerbaijan

Written by Vargon on Thursday, 08 December 2016 15:13.

The company Vargon d.o.o is one of the companies that participated in the economic gathering in Azerbaijan during the period from 23rd to 25th. October 2016. The organizer of this event was the Croatian Chamber of Commerce (HGK) together with the Azerbaijani state agency for investments AZPROMO. The meeting was attended by the presidents of the two countries Grabar Kitarovic and Ilham Aliyev.

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Exhibit Baku 2015.

Written by Vargon on Wednesday, 25 November 2015 12:44.

Company Vargon d.o.o. this year have exhibited on ''Caspian Construction Week'' which was held in the period from 21 – 24 October 2015. at Baku Expo Center.

Caspian Construction Week include BakuBuild 2015 (the 21st. Azerbaijan International Construction Exhibition), Aqua-Therm Baku 2015 (the 8th. International Heating, ventilation, Air Conditioning, watter Supply, Sanitary ware, Environmental Technology, swimming Pool & Renewable Energies Exhibition) and CIPS Caspian 2015 (the 8th. Caspian International Protection, security and Rescue Exhibition).

This year this caspian Construction Week will feature 535 companies from 30 different countries.

The exhibitions are organised by Iteca Caspian and its partner ITE Group.

Company Vargon d.o.o. in this show have presented for the first time her new production program vargokal low noise pipes PLUS 3S which is co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund.


Delta Term Belgrade business partner visitation

Written by Vargon on Monday, 14 November 2016 15:50.

In the period from 3rd to 5th November 2016, our friends and business partners company "DELTA TERM" from Belgrade visited us together with project developers from Belgrade, Novi Sad and Subotica.

Our guests have visited our factory and got acquainted with the complete product range and production processes. Afterwards we took the guests in sightseeing of Rijeka and Opatija where they have enjoyed the Mediterranean food specialties. We believe that this visitation brought a lot of new and useful information to our guests, and we hope that it will yield even better and more quality business cooperation.

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Business days in Belarus

Written by Vargon on Friday, 30 October 2015 14:34.

In the period from 21.10.2015. - 22.10.2015. our company participated in the international business forum "Business days in Belarus" in Gomel. Which was organized by the Croatian Chamber of Commerce. Croatia was represented by President of Croatian Chamber of Economy Rijeka Mr. Vidoje Vujic, senior associate Ms. Elizabeth Margitić Mihelec and our commercial officer Mrs. Kristina Lesica.

More than 20 delegations from 11 countries (the representatives of Brazil, China, France, Germany, Croatian, Polish, Russia, Slovakia and other countries) participated in the event.

The current issues of foreign trade were discussed within for conferences:
1. System of transport logistics Europe-Belarus-Asia, Project silk - exclusive economic zone
2. Latest technology in construction
3. Innovation in the field of Gomel agriculture
4. State regulation of foreign trade activities.

The entire event was covered by the local media.

More information can be found at the links below.







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 bjelorusija2015-3  bjelorusija2015-4
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Visit of employees and plumbers from company Građa from Solin

Written by Vargon on Monday, 14 December 2015 12:28.

Thanks to the longstanding successful business relationship with the company Građa from Solin, last week Vargon hosted plumbers and employees from Građa office in Kukuljanovo. During factory tour Vargon presented the technologies used in the production of installation systems , laboratory , warehouse of finished products as well as a new line of products for low-noise drainage. Through conversation and socializing guests showed great knowledge and experience in using Vargon products . Our commercial and laboratory manager were available to answer questions and clarifications . We want to thank our partners from Građa company for visiting us and we expect even better cooperation in the future.
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Written by Vargon on Friday, 17 July 2015 15:20.

Vargon will be exhibiting this year on following fairs:





Dubai World Trade Centre

Hall No. 4E, Stand No. 181