Sewer pipes and joints for external installation distribution


The Vargokor corrugated sewer pipe is made out of polyethylene (HDPE), with a ribbed outer and smooth inner pipe surface. The outer ribbed wall serves as a protection, protecting the inner wall from mechanical damage and ensuring a high load capacity of SN8. The pipe’s interior is distinctively light green, making it suitable for pipeline inspection. They are produced in diameters from DN/OD 160 to DN/OD 1200 and DN/ID 200 to DN/ID 1000. They are delivered in 6 m long rods and are connected by a fitting and two seals.

The application of new technologies has provided many advantages over classic sewer pipes:
  • increased resistance to deformation (SN8, i.e. 8kN/m2)
  • impact resistance, elasticity, system longevity,
  • less weight compared to classic sewer pipes 
  • chemical resistance
  • easy handling and quick assembly
  • resistance to seismic impacts
  • longer service life

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