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Zaštita kablova

Cable protection



The Vargokor ribbed sewer pipe is made from polyethylene (PE-HD), with ribbed outer and smooth inner pipe surface. The outer ribbed wall serves as a shield, which protects the inner wall from mechanical damage and ensures high load SN8 characteristics. The interior of the pipe is coated with characteristic green, which has good light reflexivity.

Adoption of new technologies has enabled many advantages compared to conventional sewer pipes:

  • Higher resistance to crushing (SN8, i.e. 8kN/m2),
  • Up to 50% lower mass
  • Much simpler and faster installation (there is no need for machines)
  • Higher longevity
  • High resistance to shocks, i.e. they do not break

Vargokor ribbed pipes are made according to the 13476-1,3 standard, have an outer rated diameter, and have been certified by IGH.

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