Drainage corrugated pipes for external installation distribution


The Vargodren installation system provides you with an ideal solution for draining groundwater, as well as for draining excess surface waters. The Vargodren pipes are made of a HDPE material, they are two-layered, with a profiled outer and smooth inner wall, but are perforated so they can collect excess groundwater. They are made in a wide range of diameters from DN/OD 200 to DN/OD 630. They are delivered in 6 m long rods and are connected by a fitting and two seals.

Due to their long service life and functionality, the Vargodren pipes are an excellent solution for high static and dynamic loads.

Advantages of the Vargodren installation system are:
  • high resistance to shocks and kneading,
  • system longevity,
  • complete program of fitting pieces
  • resistance to chemicals and breakage,
  • easy handling and quick assembly
  • resistance to seismic impacts

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