Sewer PP pipes and fittings for internal installation


Vargokal PLUS 3S pipes are produced by a three-layer technology, with outer and inner layers made out of polypropylene (PP), and the middle layer reinforced with mineral filler (MF) that prevents the noise transmission in to the environment. They are characterized by a compact three-layer wall with excellent mechanical characteristics even at low temperatures, and with excellent sound performance. The Vargokal PLUS installation system consists of three-layer pipes and single-layer fittings interconnected by a socket and a seal. Home and the workplace noise reduction has become an essential requirement to provide us with a better living and working environment. Sound insulation properties tests of the Vargokal PLUS system were conducted at the Fraunhofer Institute in Stuttgart, the world’s most renowned sound performance testing laboratory. Studies have shown that the Vargokal PLUS system is fully compliant with standards in force. Test results obtained by measuring a water flow of 2 l/s show that the Vargokal PLUS installation system does not exceed a noise level higher than 17 dB(A).

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