Protective pipes for cables for external installation distribution


The Vargokal protect 3S pipes are an ideal solution for protecting different types of cables. The pipes are delivered with a socket and a seal, and are made out of polypropylene (PP) with a smooth both outer and inner surface. The Vargokal protect 3S pipes are made in a diameter of Ø 110. They are supplied in red (for power cable protection) and yellow (for telecommunication cable protection). They offer excellent protection against mechanical and other harmful environmental influences, are resistant to high and low temperatures and can be laid in concrete or in the ground. They are used in road, tunnel, railway, building and other traffic, residential or industrial building construction.
Advantages of the Vargokal protect 3S pipe:
  • the elasticity of the pipe reduces the possibility of it bursting under the influence of an external force
  • simpler pipeline construction
  • an ideal smooth inner surface allowing easy cable insertion
  • high insulating ability and high voltage breakdown strength
  • achieved watertightness of installed pipelines

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