Inspection chambers and catchpits for external installation distribution


Inspection chambers are manufactured by a rotation molding technique and are deployed with the Vargokor corrugated pipes, forming together a complete sewerage system for wastewater or rainwater. If necessary, they can be connected with other pipe materials, too. They can also be produced to be connected to several different types of pipelines. The inspection chambers are modular, meaning that they are made of interconnected segments. 
Due to the project’s requirements, we also produce inspection chambers of higher circumferential stiffness using a corrugated pipe as a body.

The Vargokor inspection chambers are made according to the EN 13598 norm, from HDPE of different diameters (630, 800 and 1000) and different heights (from 1 to 5 meters in height). The Vargokor corrugated pipes of all dimensions can be connected to them in a straight line, at an angle or in a cascade.

For stormwater drainage projects, we can also offer you catchpits made of the Vargokor HDPE pipes. Catchpits are made by closing a pipe of a certain length (usually 2 meters) on one side by welding a HDPE board onto it and welding a drain fitting at a required height of the settling tank. Catchpits made this way are perfectly waterproof and very easy to install.

HDPE inspection chambers have a number of advantages over concrete ones:
  • long service life,
  • watertightness,
  • aggressive chemicals resistance,
  • easy handling,
  • quick installation,
  • easy height adjustment.

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