Smooth PE pipes for drinking water supply


vargoplen PROTECT is a co-extruded multilayer pipe with an outer layer made of PE 100-RC material, inseparably connected to an inner layer of PE 100 material. The outer protective layer is blue in color and makes up a minimum of 10% of the wall thickness regardless of the pipe diameter.
Advantages of the Vargoplen PROTECT PE 100-RC pipes:

  • For pressure ranges from PN6 to PN25 
  • Large dimensional range from Ø 75 to Ø 500
  • Delivery of pipes in various lengths depending on the profile (reel: 100 m, sticks: 12 m) 
  • High resistance to point loads (e.g. stones, debris) 
  • High resistance to slow crack propagation
  • Optimal choice for laying pipes without the sand base and sand backfill
  • Use of the excavation material as a material for backfilling pipes
  • Suitable for open laying
  • Joining by a non-detachable and detachable procedure
  • Compatible with classic PE pipes
  • Pipe bending radius of 12d

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