Smooth PE pipes for drinking water supply


vargoplen installation system is used for water supply (the infrastructural supply of drinking water to the facility and main lines), gas supply, drainage, pressure sewerage, and submarine outlets.
The system consists of plastic water pipes made of high-density polyethylene (PE 100). The pipes are black with four longitudinal blue lines up to Ø 280 in diameter, and with eight longitudinal blue lines from the Ø 315 diameter onward. The available dimension range is from Ø 20 to Ø 500, with pressure classes from PN 6 to PN 25.
Pipes and fittings can be connected by:
  • electrofusion fittings
  • mechanical fittings
  • butt-welding (for larger diameters)
The system's main advantages are:
  • long service life,
  • hygienic suitability,
  • corrosion and scale resistance,
  • high chemical resistance,
  • quick and easy installation,
  • guaranteed watertightness,
  • resistance to low temperatures.

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