Passive or preventive fire protection measures are related to the construction of the building, the method of construction works, the choice of construction materials and technical equipment.
In order to achieve the objectives set by the European regulation, load-bearing, non-load-bearing and separating structural elements with high resistance to heat and the influence of open flame are installed in buildings.

In order to additionally protect your buildings from damage caused by fire, we offer you several solutions from our offer of passive fire protection products.
• Fire clamp "TECNOCOLLAR”
• Fire protection panel "TECNOBOARD”
• Fire adhesive tape "TECNOWRAP”
• Fire pad "TECNOBAG”
• Fire brick "TECNOBRICK"
• Two-component polyurethane foam with graphite "TECNOGRAPHIT”
• Monocomponent acrylic sealant "TECNO-S 240”
• Monocomponent polyurethane foam "TECNOFOAM”


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