vargoheat PERT II - EVOH are multilayer pipes for underfloor heating with an oxygen barrier in the middle layer.
Pipe material:
• PERT - high temperature resistant polyethylene
• Bonding layer - glue
• EVOH - anti-diffusion barrier layer
• Bonding layer - glue
• PERT - high temperature resistant polyethylene

Areas of application:
• Central heating (radiator connections)
•  Underfloor heating
• Wall heating
• Cooling system
Pipe dimensions: Ø 16 x 2.0 mm
The pipe is made of flexible and durable material resistant to high temperatures - PERT. It is additionally protected by the EVOH barrier, which prevents the penetration of oxygen into the interior of the installation and which contributes to the protection of other system components such as radiators and valves and serves as protection against corrosion.
The pipe is resistant to high temperatures up to 90 °C under a pressure of 6 bar (radiators) and low temperatures of 5 - 12 °C under a pressure of 10 bar (cooling systems).



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